Today's Beach Forecast Valid Through: March 19, 2019, 8:15 am

High Temp:IN THE LOWER 40S
Water Temp: 40 DEGREES
Wave Height: 1 TO 2 FEET
Rip Current Risk*: LOW
Lightning Probability: NONE
* - Rip current and lightning risks are a FORECAST based on predicted wind, wave and weather conditions.
ALWAYS check with a lifeguard before entering the water to verify that it is safe to do so and to obtain the actual rip current conditons at the beach!

       Temporary Modification to Traffic Pattern for access to Parking Lot #3

       Due to the nesting of certain protected species of birds in the area of the access road to Parking Lot #3 at Horseneck beach, a temporary traffic pattern has been established to allow use of this parking lot. Parking Lot #3 is an overflow lot located on the eastern end of the beach portion of the reservation and it is generally only opened when parking lots #1 and #2 have reached or are found to be nearing capacity.

       On busy beach days, particularly on weekends with nice weather, it is recommended that beach visitors pack their patience along with their sunscreen as many of our visitors have been coming here for years and the changes to the traffic patterns may cause some of our seasoned veteran beachgoers a fair bit of confusion.

Often, traffic will be directed by the on-site police details and we ask that all drivers PLEASE be mindful and extra careful as they approach the main beach gates for officers and other personnel in the roadway helping to manage the traffic situation! We want everyone that comes to Horseneck Beach to go home safely at the end of the day and that hope includes our beach staff and law enforcement officers.

       We do realize that this change can be confusing and quite frustrating and the guards and staff appreciate the patience and cooperation of our guests as we work to keep our visitors safe while continuing to protect the natural environment that has been entrusted to our care.

       Here is a link to a google sattelite view map showing the normal traffic patterns in YELLOW and the modified traffic pattern in PURPLE.

This map is a general concept and the patterns may change from day to day to suit the operational needs of the park staff and any changing environmental concerns.

On site Law Enforcement, Rangers and Park Staff direction will ALWAYS supercede any notes found on this map or this website.