Horseneck Surf Rescue consists of 30+ lifeguards who protect the swimmers and beachgoers at Horseneck Beach in Westport, MA. The lifeguards at Horseneck Beach have safeguarded the public for over 50 years with an outstanding performance record. Some of the guards on our staff have worked here for over 20 years.

      Lifeguards here actively patrol a 1/2 mile section of the beach, but execute rescue and recovery operations for an area covering about 4 miles of ocean beach stretching between Baker's Beach to the West and Gooseberry Island to the East. During emergency situations, our lifeguards have also provided backup assistance to nearby Baker's Beach and the Westport Town Beach lifeguards. Due in part to the rigorous tryout and physical training requirements to work at Horseneck, the lifeguards at our beach tend to view Horseneck Surf Rescue as one of the premier ocean beach lifeguard corps in the area.

   On this page you will find information about the lifeguard corps, some of their activities, duties and skills, and information that will, hopefully, make your visit to our beach as enjoyable and safe as possible.

Above is a fun video made by one of our lifeguards in his off time showing SOME of what it is like to be a lifeguard at Horseneck Beach.

This space is also occasionally used for posting some recent "overflight videos to show recent beach conditions. Due to the large number of nesting protected bird species on the beach, it is possible that updated videos may no be available for some time this season. "Drones" are excellent tools and fun for recreational use, however, the lifeguard who obtains these videos is highly committed to the safe and responsible use of these aerial platforms. Overflight videos will not be performed unless a method can be determined to safely fly the quadcopter without causing undue stress to the nesting birds.

In the interim, we will try to post photos of current or recent conditions at the beach when we are able to. If YOU have photos that you would like to share and see in this space, please send them to and include the information of the photographer so that we can properly credit your work.