Local Surf Conditions

Up until last year surfing has not been allowed on any of the State Beaches controled by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. This rule has been changed to allow lifeguards the discretion of allowing or not allowing surfing at these facilities. This determination is often made by the on duty Lifeguard Supervisor or Head Lifeguard and the decision is made based on many factors including surf conditions, the size of the crowds and number of people in the water as well as staffing levels for that particular day. Many of the senior guards at Horseneck Beach are avid surfers so you can be sure that if a decision is made to not allow surfing there was a very solid reason behind that call.

      The surf conditions found at our beach and other area beaches may also impact both the pleasure and safety of your visit to our facility. Large waves can create dangerous rip currents as well as "pounding" surf conditions that can lead to injuries as people may be pushed down to the ground by the waves with extreme force.

      Along with years of experience in reading the waves, the guards at Horsenek Beach also use some of the following websites to help us to stay ontop of predicted surf conditions. Everyone visiting the beach should know that surf conditions can change VERY rapidly and with little or no advance notice. It is ALWAYS in the interest of safety to check with a lifeguard when you visit the beach to get their latest read on the water conditions before venturing into the surf and ALWAYS swim in guarded waters.

National Weather Service Surf Zone Forecast for Southeastern MA

Surfline.com - New England

MagicSeaWeed.com - South Shore Beach (Just We Horseneck Beach Area)