For a visit to Horseneck Beach, or any beach for that matter, there are certain pieces of information that everyone should know. This page should serve as a starting point for your basic beach information needs. It is also recommended that visitors check our Rules of the Beach before visiting to make sure all of their planned activities are allowed at this facility.

      Staff levels at Horseneck Beach Reservation vary throughout the year. Information contained on this page refers to the normal operations during the PEAK VISITOR SEASON that is, summer, generally between July 1st and Labor Day. For any other times, it is advisable to contact the Main Office or Mass DCR Info for specific staffing details.       Lifeguard Duty Hours: 10AM-6PM (During this time Lifeguards should be on stand, ready to respond to emergencies)

      Office Hours: 8AM-6PM

      Office Phone: (508)636-8816

      Gate Hours: 8AM-8PM (NOTE: The gates may open late or be closed early due to dangerous beach or weather conditions or at the discretion of the facility supervisor.)

      Red Flags: Red Flags on lifeguard stands indicate that dangerous surf conditions are present in the area. Extreme caution should be used in and near the water (Even at knee depth) when red flag conditions are present.)

      Law Enforcement: Throughout the day the beach is patroled by the Massachusetts State Police, Westport Police, and occasionally the Massachusetts Environmental Police.

      First Aid Services: Horseneck Surf Rescue Lifeguards are trained to a minimum of American Red Cross Lifeguard First Aid Standards with some staff trained to the EMT-B level. Any injuries requiring attention should be reported to the nearest lifeguard stand, main office, or main gate attendant. The on duty staff should be able to provide the necessary first aid or will be able to get additional assistance enroute very quickly. For any injuries requiring care beyond that of our lifeguard traning, local emergency services will be requested. This generally results in a response by Westport Fire/EMS.

      Traffic: Route 88 is the major roadway through Westport that services Horseneck Beach. On prime summer beach days, this roadway can become backed up for miles due to congestion at the main gate. Visitors should try to arrive early and plan for these potential delays.

      Local Ammenities: An additional page will be added soon with information on local fuel and grocery locations. Dining and other local places of interest will be added to the Sights and Sounds page on this site. Stay tuned!

      Horseneck Beach Campground: Horseneck Beach Campground is a part of the State Park Reservation and is located approximately one half to one mile east of the guarded beach area. A paved trail for walking or bicycling between the campground and the main beach provides rellatively easy access to the guarded beach area. For more information please visit the Mass DCR website for the Horseneck Beach State Reservation.
       For information on campsite availability or to reserve a site please visit Reserve America's site for Horseneck Beach Campground.

      Ideas? This website is constantly being updated and improved upon. If you think of info that should be added to this page, please e-mail it to the web staff.