Today's Beach Forecast Valid Through: February 10, 2020, 9:15 am

Weather: CLOUDY
High Temp:IN THE MID 40S
Water Temp: 43 DEGREES
Wave Height: 1 TO 2 FEET
Rip Current Risk*: MODERATE
Lightning Probability: NONE
* - Rip current and lightning risks are a FORECAST based on predicted wind, wave and weather conditions.
ALWAYS check with a lifeguard before entering the water to verify that it is safe to do so and to obtain the actual rip current conditons at the beach!

       Welcome to our Sights and Sounds page. Here we hope to share with you some of our best photos and videos of Horseneck Beach and the men and women who work to keep the patrons safe. As photogenic as our park can be, many wonder why this section of the website has not had any material in recent months. There is a very good reason for that. Due to the nature of our job, lifeguards cannot be encumbered by a camera nor can they have their attention on the water shared with a camera or cell phone. Many of the photos and videos that you will find here are taken by lifeguards who were visiting the beach in their off-duty time or by their friends and relatives who may have stopped by to enjoy our park and see "their lifeguard" at work. Horseneck Beach also frequently finds itself the subject of news media broadcasts. When possible those have also been linked to on this page.

       If you have a photo of our lifeguards in action or something particularly memorable or unique to Horseneck Beach that you wouldn't mind sharing with us and also wouldn't mind us sharing with everyone else on this website, please e-mail them to and include in the e-mail whether or not we have permission to use your photo on our website as well as any special way you may want the photo credit listed on the picture.

    If you happen to catch a good photo that you would like to share with us via Twitter, this can also be done by tagging @HNBSurfRescue.

2015 Rookie Rescue Training

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2015 - Beach Scenes

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Aerial view of Horseneck Surf Rescue lifeguards participating in some rescue drills during their afternoon "break." Horseneck Guards spend all season honing their craft to be prepared to make a rescue on a moments notice and under trying surf conditions.

Horseneck Beach is featured by CBSBoston during their 2014 Beach Week.

A winding and rather random flight over Horseneck Beach by a quadcopter by an off-duty lifeguard.