Many people who visit our beach do so on calm, sunny days. Anyone interested in working with Horseneck Surf Rescue should know that lifeguards do not only work under sunny skies and calm waters. A Horseneck Lifeguard needs to have enough confidence in his or her abilities, skills, and toughness to be ready to enter the water and effect a rescue in waves of all sizes, heavy rain conditions, and water ranging from 50 degrees to generally no more than 74 degrees farenheit.

If you are not currently certified, please take a look at our list of available training programs. This list is updated as course information becomes available.

       Due to the large volume of visitors, first aid is applied by our staff quite frequently. While there are often on duty medical staff to handle major medical emergencies, lifeguards are often the first responders to injuries and medical emergencies at our beach. Anyone wishing to be a lifeguard at Horseneck Beach should be confident enough in their first aid skills to assist as needed and be capable of maintaining professional compsure when faced with the sights and sounds involved with treating sick and injured visitors.

      Though the "guarded waters" of our beach consist of the crowded section of the beach near the parking lots, lifeguards need to be expected to react and respond (pronounced "Run To") emergencies anywhere from Gooseberry Island East of the beach to Cherry and Webb Beach (Westport Town Beach) to the west as our lifeguard staff may provide mutual aid support to the Town Beach lifeguards during major emergencies if requested. The daily workouts can consist of any combination of swimming and running occasionally exceeding 1/2 mile in the water or 5 miles on foot. Applicants should be ready to be challenged physically on any given workday.

   Should you decide that these attributes don't describe you very well, but you still are a strong swimmer in good overall physical shape and have a strong desire to help others and enjoy an outdoor job in the summer, you may find a position at one of the other facilities (Ponds and Pools) that are operated by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. The application process for all MA State Lifeguard positions is the same with an added surf test for lifeguards wishing to apply for Ocean Beach positions. This information can also be be found on the Massachusetts DCR website.

For Application information please visit the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation website.